Since before the turn of the year, the SKWAWKBOX has been emphasising the need for Left members of the Labour Party to organise to take delegate positions at Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton.

Labour-conference.pngThe right-wing, faux-Labour faction successfully did it last year and used its presence in Liverpool to push through the anti-democratic appointment of two extra NEC members, a measure that is still damaging the party. They’re already organising to try to do it again – and prepared to use any underhand method to achieve it.

The Left needs dominance in Brighton to win approval for the McDonnell Amendment, a vital rule-change to ensure Labour’s huge left-wing majority always has a candidate to vote for in any future leadership election. The right wants dominance to try to prevent it.

But it turns out that’s not the limit of their ambition – as this Twitter exchange involving Labour First’s

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