Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

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On the afternoon of March 12, the day following the earthquake, Plaintiffs arrived off the coasts of Fukushima Prefecture aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and other vessels to provide humanitarian aid. Plaintiffs allege that TEPCO promulgated false information regarding the extent of the damage to the FNPP, misleading the public, Japanese officials, and the U.S. military. They allege that TEPCO’s management publicly announced that there was no danger to those participating in Operation Tomodachi, despite knowing that there was a risk of radiation exposure. Plaintiffs claim that they and U.S. military officials were unaware of the extent of the radiation leak and that they would not have been deployed as close to the FNPP had TEPCO been forthcoming about the damage. They further allege that the U.S. military would not ordinarily discover such radiation absent sufficient warning. On March 14, two days after their…

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via Hunt ‘double-dares’ actor Little – gets schooling #2, ducks debate challenge


At least two things can be said with certainty about ‘worst Health Secretary in history’ Jeremy Hunt: he appears to still be around ten years old in his head – and he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Last month, Hunt got cocky on Twitter with an NHS junior doctor – and got thoroughly schooled on the reality of the NHS in a public humiliation that went viral. But it seems he’s learned nothing.

In his latest ‘open mouth, insert foot’ moment, Jeremy Hunt responded to a comment on the NHS by well-known actor Ralf Little with this little gem:

hunt dd.pngI double dare you“? It appears we have a Health Secretary who’s still in primary school. The tweet bore an uncanny resemblance to the one that triggered Hunt’s first, viral schooling:

hunt cockyWe have a Health Secretary of overwhelming hubris and a signal inability to learn.

Little warns his followers…

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Source: Liverpool Women’s Hospital ‘consultation’ sham

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

ionizing radiation.png

Translated by Hervé Courtois

Doctors and scientists are warning about the health risks of ionizing radiation.

Even small doses of about 1 millisievert (mSv) increase the risk of developing radiation-induced diseases.

There is no threshold below which radiation could be considered harmless.

Summary of a meeting of experts in Ulm (Germany) on 19 October 2013

On 19 October 2013, the German and Swiss members of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) invited doctors and scientists in the fields of radiobiology, epidemiology , statistics and physics at a meeting of experts in Ulm, Einstein’s hometown. Participants discussed current knowledge about the health effects of ionizing radiation, especially in the field of low doses.

The panel concluded that a revision of current radiation protection standards is essential to reflect the current level of scientific knowledge. Ionizing radiation is capable of causing detrimental effects on health; Some can be…

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Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

Image result for pics of kim jong-theresa may

In 1978, the Australian social scientist, Alex Carey, pointed out that the twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: “the growth of democracy; the growth of corporate power; and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.”

In order to defend their interests against the forces of democracy, the corporations that now dominate much of the domestic and global economies recognize the need to manipulate the public through media propaganda by manufacturing their consent. This is largely achieved through coordinated mass campaigns that combine sophisticated public relations techniques.

The result is the media underplay, or even ignore, the economic and ideological motivations that drive the social policy decisions and strategies of governments’. Sharon Beder outlines the reasoning behind the coordinated political, corporate and media attacks on democracy:

“The purpose of this propaganda onslaught has been to persuade a…

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Since before the turn of the year, the SKWAWKBOX has been emphasising the need for Left members of the Labour Party to organise to take delegate positions at Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton.

Labour-conference.pngThe right-wing, faux-Labour faction successfully did it last year and used its presence in Liverpool to push through the anti-democratic appointment of two extra NEC members, a measure that is still damaging the party. They’re already organising to try to do it again – and prepared to use any underhand method to achieve it.

The Left needs dominance in Brighton to win approval for the McDonnell Amendment, a vital rule-change to ensure Labour’s huge left-wing majority always has a candidate to vote for in any future leadership election. The right wants dominance to try to prevent it.

But it turns out that’s not the limit of their ambition – as this Twitter exchange involving Labour First’s

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That's How The Light Gets In

Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares?

Proverbs 5:16

Well, water has to go somewhere: a lesson brought home by the recent flooding in the north of England and the Scottish borders. But where does it go when a town grows and smothers fields and streams with concrete, brick and tarmac? It’s buried, pushed out of sight. Towns like Liverpool and London have grown around rivers which have later been covered in and forgotten. But beneath the city streets, waterways continue on their ancient courses in underground culverts.

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